სახდელი რექტიფიქატორი DWA 200 L 2x4BPC

This still is called Premium Double Wall Alembic with a capacity of 120 L, 150 and 200 L. It is a side column still designed for making different alcoholic beverages. This pot has a 3V valve how(with whose help) vapor trail can be redirected either through the column, or gin basket or directly to the cooler, so this still can be used for traditional or modern distillation, it depends on what type of beverages you want to produce. The net capacity of the still is 120L volume per charge for optimal performance. The furnace is made from Stainless Steel AISI 304, designed with the water bath and it can be designed for using multiple power sources: electric, gas, or solid fuel heating.
All our devices are manufactured depending on customers individual requirements, powered by either:
– Solid fuels;
– Electricity with 12-18kW/h capacity;
– Gas butane or natural gas 4.72 kg/h – 6,5m3/h
– we can also combine multiple ways of heating.
The furnace is operating at ~110℃ and 0,5 bar low pressure providing a very efficient heat transfer to the mash or liquids in the still. Its rectification column is specially made for aromatic spirits like gin, brandy, and rum to preserve the smell and taste while achieving maximum smoothness.
Stirring is powered by an electric motor operating at 96 RPM, which will provide a good circulation of the mash, resulting in very efficient extraction of alcoholic vapors from the mash.

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